Friday, March 2, 2012

A Laugh or 2

Blogging mostly about fairly serious stuff, it's nice to occasionally share a joke or two.
Back in high school I used to read the "The Chiel" section on the "Daily Despatch", especially the "Tailpiece", it was my sunshine on gloomy days. Here in Cape Town "Tavern of the Seas" by David Biggs is an awesome substitute.
Here's the funny bit:
A man pulled out his phone on a crowded bus and started a noisy conversation with his wife
    "Hello, honey, it's Mark. I'm on the bus. Yes, I love you too. No. I had to work a bit late. No. I really did, I didn't go to the pub. No, I wouldn't go visiting anybody else. You know that. There's only you. I'll be home a bit late, so don't worry..."
     And on and on.
     Eventually a woman sitting opposite him shouted in a sexy voice: "Hey, Mark, get off that bloody telephone and come back to bed!"
Lol I wish I could do something like that, but I'd probably get beat up