Friday, November 29, 2013

Train ride

I know I am quite a timid person or as I would like to think of myself. But today I struck a conversation with this girl… I do not know if I was as impressionable on her as she was on me (which is evident as I am writing about her).

I am lost for words well let me start at the beginning...

I saw her at the library as I was there to check an email before I rushed off to catch a train, she left the library considerably earlier than I did I doubt she saw me though. As I got to the train station there she was again also waiting for the same train (worth a mention… a high school friend of mine would be psyching me up to go talk to her) but I did not make much of it. In Bellville she again stood waiting for the same train I was gonna hop on… as the speaker announced “Dear metrorail customers, trains on the northern line are subjected to delay due to… blah, blah, blah” the rest is not important anyways I was like

Then I heard a giggle… me with nothing to do I tried to start a conversation. It went pretty well I must say I managed to keep the conversation going till I had to get off at Goodwood station. Funny thing I am not the most talkative of guys but today was different I had a lovely chat with this stranger…  and that’s all she wrote.

I hope I'll see her again some day but i doubt it

Friday, November 1, 2013

Where are we?

I am sitting at the school's computer lab some people are doing their work, some are watching videos some are on social networks, no this post is not a lecture on how important it is to study, or about how we should utilise the resources we are afforded. Its about how we as the "youth" carry ourselves.

I have seen a growing phenomenon amongst the youth of today, we tend to treat each other with a lack of respect, calling each other "bitch" amongst other profanities. We hide behind "we are friends we mean nothing by it". My problem is not that we saying these self esteem crushing phrases to friend who may understand but if we make this a habit you might say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Case in example... we all know it is not strange to find elderly people at institutions of higher learning. it is in fact admirable as it is not easy studying with kids. As I was sitting in the computer lab I overheard conversation between a woman and a youth. there were discussing some sort of group work, I cannot relay the conversation verbatim as I was not eavesdropping. the woman said "guys we have to go I also need to study, i failed the last test" the youth responded with a tone one would use when addressing his/her peers "uyitshone kancinci" which translated means "you did not fail enough".

My parents may not have raised me till 18 but that surely is no way to speak to any1 whether be it a peer or an elder...

That's my two cents...

Saturday, June 8, 2013


thoughtful insightful sometimes well researched and wow. This is what i get every time i read one of my friends' blogs and I wonder why are my blogs not like that.

I believe it is due to a lack of self confidence and and faith in thyself. We need to believe in ourselves to see there is gold in all we do. 'trust and believe in yourselves' we are our worst enemies don't let the voice that say you are not good enough be louder than the voice that is cheering you on.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Other blog

Did i tell you all about my other blog?

It's funny

I'm reading a blog not written by a person i know... weird right? ok its not that weird... thats not the point

I love the Anglican Church of Southern Africa... why? well my mom was an Anglican, my grandfolks were Anglican... from my mother's kids, I am the only Anglican, my siblings... branched out, I have no beef with other churches I like them all.

Pictured the Archbishop of Cantebury Justin Welby
While reading the diary of a Zulu girl i came across something to prevalent today... people leave the Anglican Church to join other churches... and only return when they want to be burried or married by a priest and not a pastor or when the want some religious ceremony, like a baptism.... #SMH

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It is Finished

"It is finished"

Reading through these words I asked myself, what is finished?

Had they killed Jesus, was Jesus so powerless that the Romans and the Jewish leaders could have disposed of him so easily. No! It doesn’t matter who condemned  Him to death, wether it was the Jewish high priests or the Roman, Pontius Pilate, because in the gospel according to St John chapter 10 verse 18 Jesus says  (Yes I do read the bible) "No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father."

Jesus went to the cross willingly because he had to die, die so that we may have eternal life. Jesus had control over his life right up until he ascended into heaven…

"It is finished"

I can imagine the tone in which Jesus must have said “it is finished”, John goes on to say… he bowed his head, as if to be relieved… and yes, I believe he was relieved, just as many of us would breathe a sigh of relief after a mammoth task. That breath of relief when you got your results, telling you that you are graduating. That breath of relief telling you that you have completed a module. It is finished. No stone left unturned, when one is relieved to finish something its usually a testament of the amount of effort put in. One cannot be relieved without a considerable amount of effort, with no effort put it would not matter if a task was finished or not. but In Jesus death it was finished… we are born in a world of sin and death is penalty for sin, but not our death, Jesus death which washed away our sins, so we can know the grace of God.

it is finished… these words tell us something. These words tell us that Jesus was not a quitter. He came down on earth a man on a mission. He persevered and saw it through until it was indeed finished.

To be Christian means to aspire to be like Christ. Christ was not a quitter. We should be no less… there are days whereby we’ll walk through storms… we should always hold our head up high and never be afraid of the dark, because the Lord is our Sheppard.  Though sometimes our dreams may be tossed and blown, we should walk on with faith in our heart... and we will never walk alone, because Christ dwells within us.

Kuthiwa "Inkawu yatyiwa ilila, imfene yasinda ngokugoloza"

Christianity is sometimes viewed as a religion for the weak, because it teaches us to love, and to forgive and sometimes be submissive. But that is not the case, as kwi ncwadi yabase Philippi.. no not the phillipi in cape town, but Philippians 4:13 “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”  I am trying to say when adversities, arise praying and doing nothing is like whining to the Lord… and no-one likes a whiner.. when life throws its punches kufneka sigoloze, stand up and be noticed only we can shape and mould our lives to glorify God Philippians reassures us all things can be done through Christ all we need to do is to have, faith. Faith in Jesus, faith in ourselves… kuba with the faith of a mustard seed we can move mountains… they way I’m quoting the bible you’d swear I read the bible from genesis to revelations that was Mathew 17:20

“It is finished”

Christ died so that we may not parish… but have everlasting life, though the promise of an everlasting life should not lead us to settle for second best while we are still in the flesh. We are the Sons and daughters of God and as such are royalty in our own right. Njengeculo belisitsho andikoyiki ukulwa… masingoyiki ukulwela ubukhosi obufanele abantwana bakaTixo, kuba yena usecaleni kwethu.