Friday, November 29, 2013

Train ride

I know I am quite a timid person or as I would like to think of myself. But today I struck a conversation with this girl… I do not know if I was as impressionable on her as she was on me (which is evident as I am writing about her).

I am lost for words well let me start at the beginning...

I saw her at the library as I was there to check an email before I rushed off to catch a train, she left the library considerably earlier than I did I doubt she saw me though. As I got to the train station there she was again also waiting for the same train (worth a mention… a high school friend of mine would be psyching me up to go talk to her) but I did not make much of it. In Bellville she again stood waiting for the same train I was gonna hop on… as the speaker announced “Dear metrorail customers, trains on the northern line are subjected to delay due to… blah, blah, blah” the rest is not important anyways I was like

Then I heard a giggle… me with nothing to do I tried to start a conversation. It went pretty well I must say I managed to keep the conversation going till I had to get off at Goodwood station. Funny thing I am not the most talkative of guys but today was different I had a lovely chat with this stranger…  and that’s all she wrote.

I hope I'll see her again some day but i doubt it

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