Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Its funny when everytime i express that Nokia sucks, people start to look at my phone, then they remark... Oh.. you're just jealous just because you do not own one.

True, I do not currently own a nokia, but i did own it for a brief period until someone decided i do not need a phone. It was a Navigator 6210... well i know its an old model, but besides the map, of which was its best feature it just did nothing for me.

When they released the first iPhone back in 2007, i could already forsee an era whereby which brand of phone you own does not matter. It will depend on the apps you have on that phone, that era is near, where brands are ditching their in-house operating systems to port to Google's Android.

Nokia stuck to their guns for too long with Symbian, the OVI store had nothing intruiging, it was just dead, everything was for sale... free apps were few and most were just a NO. This led me to keep reiterating that Nokia suck...

However Nokia might have seen the light and behind the new Nokia Lumia... is Windows, having never to have used a windows phone, i cannot comment about it but i would sure love to own one, hopefully 1 day...

Off to class have a blessed day people... much love

Thursday, February 23, 2012


My journey of lent officially began yesterday.

This year's lent I take it as a time to break an addiction. What is the difference between a new year's resolution and a lent sacrifice? This is the question that i pondered when reading what people are giving up for lent.

Well to me, the answer to that question would be (this is just an opinion do not take my word for it), Lent is a solemn commitment. Its a commitment with God's help you are hoping to better yourself as a human being and make the necessary life changes to your life style to try and live according to God's glory.

While other people may undertake an absolute fast... I'll try but i doubt i will survive but I will eat for sustinece, I will not over indulge in food, the hotdog lady won't see me this Lent, and I bid farewell to the pies from the cafeteria

Nothing new to me as my spiritual journey continues I am generally a giving person, I try to support all good causes, but again I am weary of those that come to me to launder by means of emotional blackmail.

No longer saved for when ever I have problems or feeling thankful, every moment I will chance I get, I shall speak to the Lord even if it just to say "Hi".

About my addiction.. I will not mention it but by Palm Sunday I hope I'll be smiling saying lent went accordingly.

Friday, February 17, 2012

So I got Robbed...!

Yeah I know terrible way to start a conversation. I've just become a victim of South Africa's Crime Statistics

I was walking to school, listening to South Africa fall apart in cricket against the black caps...enough about cricket. as I walked on my normal route in walking at a rather rapid pace in front of me was a coloured man... OK nothing strange about that people walk fast all the time in the morning, probably he's running to catch a train or something... so I kept walking, a moment later I looked behind me there was this guy, also a coloured in a red shirt and some brown pants... he too was walking rather quickly... but he was not dressed as if he was going anywhere important. The cricket commentary was so good I did not mind him.

Fast forward a few steps later i felt an arm around my neck, chokingly he dragged me to ground and I was on my back. he came around mean muggin' and shit like that.
Yes he was this ugly
Holding what i recall as a rusty old knife he took my phone and my money... after seeing that it had some buttons missing he was like "what fucked up phone is this"... I am thinking to my self this guy has the audacity to talk trash to me where as he just robbed me... he proceeds to calling me a "naai" as if I know what the hell that is.

I am just grateful, I still have my organs, my blood and my handsome face.

I picked my self up picked up some of my coins and this old coloured oke from nowhere, is like "can i have a rand I wanna buy a smoke"

I just got Robbed you think imma give you money? huh?
I was tempted to smack the life out of him. No consoling word whatsoever and he persisted tryna get a rand from me. and the only way i found the rand was through him tryna pick it up... He witnessed me getting robbed now he wants money too?

Aargh I can still feel his hands around my neck. I need a cleansing ceremony.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Friend Requests

Seriously now how do you add someone you have never met, and they are not even a celebrity.... today just before I embarked on the "Vicious Quits Facebook" resolution, i had an invite from a person, whom I have never met in my life.

So I decided to inbox her, and asked "So... Who Are You?", obviously I was not looking for her name because I could read if off her profile... this girl gives me her name (Lord take the wheel). I had to articulate my question, the short version of the second message was:
I do not know you and why did you invite me?
Not in those words exactly, in a much more polite manner, she then replied: "You can delete me if you do not want to be my friend".... so I did.

Point is I do not like being invited by someone I have never seen in my life before (exception is that if you are an extremely hot chick).

The End.


Hi, My name is Vuyisani and I am a facebook addict.

At my age my friends are less and less active on facebook, and i do not blame them, we have to continue developing ourselves, time for fun ended long ago, we need to get our hustle on.

So in my attempts to be less active on facebook, i have completely stopped updating my status, it was a kind of a New Years Resolution... of which excluding the time i had to pay my respects to one of my highschool class and desk mates i have kept to my resolution.

And have being on facebook since 2007 I do not expect many friend requests... the few odd ones that i expect to recieve are if you are a long lost friend, or i'll invite you if you are the type of guy buy i keep forgetting their name. The thing is is i am not a very sociable person, so I do sometimes not intentionally though forget peoples names.

So today i am starting my facebook diet, i am not logging from now.... i want to see if i'll make it till the weekend, then from there i'll extend it.... I call it "Vicious Quits Facebook" cold turkey style