Friday, October 14, 2016

I forgot how to write

No, it is not writer’s block…. you have to be a writer for that to happen.

I paged through my drafts and I can’t tell where any of those blogs were headed. I have decided to ease myself into the habit of writing. So most of my posts will be whatever did not fit in twitter’s 140 character

Now that I think about it is not a big problem to have I can revive my other blog with the short mini blogs and when I have an opinion piece… I’ll post it here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Trust me

Recently our Minister of Sport & Recreation, Fikile Mbalula asked
"Do you believe your fellow countrymen or the Americans? #FIFAarrests"
Its funny, the fact that I even have to think about it before I answer does not do my fellow countrymen any justice. Now I know... I believe Americans are liars, look at 9/11 the war on Iraq, their police forever killing black men with no reprimand and that is only incidents I know off. And then you have our government. Our government as far as I can recall does not make it a habit to lie to us, but their constant coverups, blame shifting and holding no-one accountable for anything even the smallest thing screams "You are not trustworthy"
The reason I say they do not lie is because after they feign ignorance it has been proven that no-one can do a thing about it.

It is not that we are not patriotic we are but we yearning for some justice, we are yearning for someone to say "hey we made a mistake", the 1st corruption Scandal in the new South Africa was Sarafina II, then president Nelson Mandela came out and said hey... we made a mistake (all though I do not know how long after the scandal did he say that), and we moved on. An admission of wrong doing if there is any wrong doing is all we ask. not just about he FIFA thing (I actually could not care less about FIFA) but about Nkandla, about Andries Tatane, about Marikana, even the ousting of Mbeki.

All we ask is a democratic and free society... is that much to ask for?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Adieu ASF Adieu

I cannot believe a year has passed, feels like yesterday that I was voted into office. I can even remember eaves dropping on the motivation that granted me the opportuni-ty to serve as Anglican Students' Federation's Media & Projects Officer.
It has been a very interesting year with ups and downs, smiles and frowns insert oth-er superlative here as I channel President Emeritus Rethabile Matlatsa's love for es-says... let's take walk down memory lane.

Facebook Group
I stepped into office at a time ASF's image was being dragged in the mud on social media with the executive (PEC) powerless to quell the situation as it had no control of the ASF group. Admittedly through no efforts of my own a serving PEC member is now and administrator of the popular group, which allows each ASFer to have their voice heard. Without suppressing any member's opinions we have seen a drastic reduction in facebook related issues, ASFers are more united than when I attended my 1st ASF conference in the Eastern Cape, and I believe we as ASFers should be proud that through our differences we came together.

Facebook Page
Still speaking about Facebook, noting that the database of ASF is difficult to keep up to date. I have seen to it that ASF has the means to disseminate information to mem-bers and the public. Granted the page is still in its early stages I believe it is the best means to showcase the work done by ASF and by proper use direct traffic to the ASF website. The page provides an authoritative voice of the ASF to keep members cor-rectly informed.

With the rise of Twitter as the social platform of choice. The PEC saw it fit for ASF to expand its footprint on the internet to growing social media platforms. ASF is do-ing relatively on Twitter, engaging with members via the #asfquiz where ASFers learn about ASF, the Church and the Bible. How ever our twitter account does have its downfalls as there are not enough updates. This can be combated by giving re-gional MPOs access to the twitter account, thus increasing updates appeal and fol-lowers.

ASF Goes Green
At the 53rd ASF conference Mother Rachel Mash of the Green Anglicans encour-aged ASFers to be environmentally conscious. Contrary to reports at the 54th ASF Conference planting trees initiative stemmed (no pun intended) from the POA of GP/MP where MPO saw it a worthy project for the whole federation.

The feature story was the genesis of ASF, very interesting read I thank all collaborators, and all those who read it from cover to cover. Also to mention Lesotho Region and Western Cape Region had newsletters of their own published.

ASF Website
Probably my Achilles heel, it is true the website is hardly updated, but the notion that it needs to be redesigned i believe would be a costly exercise. The website needs fresh content on a regular. to that I suggest regional MPOs have powers to update their re-gional pages, and Provicial MPO moderates the page, after all no single person can do it all.
In the coming year I hope to see the ASF open a YouTube account, as too share those ASF moments we hold dear with those who could not make it to conference.
The groundwork has been laid the time is now for us to build. Alone the MPO can go fast, but with our help he can go farther. I leave you in good hands and I thank you for the journey it has been a joyous ride. Adieu

Monday, July 14, 2014

Keep Ya Head Up

You know if in life, if you are going to look for the approval of the public, you're still going to face a rough life. We all have a little time on this earth we need to at least make sure when we see our last days we look back and smile, not look back and see if other people will smile. 

I am opening with that paragraph, because, I see praises and lauds being thrown everywhere but towards myself, after having done a similar job... sounds petty but sometimes it does make you think maybe I didn't perform my tasks but I gotta keep my head up. I trust myself and I'm on to the next one

I have recently served my term as Media & Projects Officer of the Anglican Students' Federation, looking back I am pleased with the work I have performed. I did the best I could and most importantly I enjoyed myself. I have left the federation in terms of social media presence with a foundation that will allow it to grow and stand amongst the the big kids in the playground.

I now look to return to my blogging days and maybe try to open a personal website. But for now I'll pen my adieu note.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Train ride

I know I am quite a timid person or as I would like to think of myself. But today I struck a conversation with this girl… I do not know if I was as impressionable on her as she was on me (which is evident as I am writing about her).

I am lost for words well let me start at the beginning...

I saw her at the library as I was there to check an email before I rushed off to catch a train, she left the library considerably earlier than I did I doubt she saw me though. As I got to the train station there she was again also waiting for the same train (worth a mention… a high school friend of mine would be psyching me up to go talk to her) but I did not make much of it. In Bellville she again stood waiting for the same train I was gonna hop on… as the speaker announced “Dear metrorail customers, trains on the northern line are subjected to delay due to… blah, blah, blah” the rest is not important anyways I was like

Then I heard a giggle… me with nothing to do I tried to start a conversation. It went pretty well I must say I managed to keep the conversation going till I had to get off at Goodwood station. Funny thing I am not the most talkative of guys but today was different I had a lovely chat with this stranger…  and that’s all she wrote.

I hope I'll see her again some day but i doubt it

Friday, November 1, 2013

Where are we?

I am sitting at the school's computer lab some people are doing their work, some are watching videos some are on social networks, no this post is not a lecture on how important it is to study, or about how we should utilise the resources we are afforded. Its about how we as the "youth" carry ourselves.

I have seen a growing phenomenon amongst the youth of today, we tend to treat each other with a lack of respect, calling each other "bitch" amongst other profanities. We hide behind "we are friends we mean nothing by it". My problem is not that we saying these self esteem crushing phrases to friend who may understand but if we make this a habit you might say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Case in example... we all know it is not strange to find elderly people at institutions of higher learning. it is in fact admirable as it is not easy studying with kids. As I was sitting in the computer lab I overheard conversation between a woman and a youth. there were discussing some sort of group work, I cannot relay the conversation verbatim as I was not eavesdropping. the woman said "guys we have to go I also need to study, i failed the last test" the youth responded with a tone one would use when addressing his/her peers "uyitshone kancinci" which translated means "you did not fail enough".

My parents may not have raised me till 18 but that surely is no way to speak to any1 whether be it a peer or an elder...

That's my two cents...

Saturday, June 8, 2013


thoughtful insightful sometimes well researched and wow. This is what i get every time i read one of my friends' blogs and I wonder why are my blogs not like that.

I believe it is due to a lack of self confidence and and faith in thyself. We need to believe in ourselves to see there is gold in all we do. 'trust and believe in yourselves' we are our worst enemies don't let the voice that say you are not good enough be louder than the voice that is cheering you on.