Monday, July 14, 2014

Keep Ya Head Up

You know if in life, if you are going to look for the approval of the public, you're still going to face a rough life. We all have a little time on this earth we need to at least make sure when we see our last days we look back and smile, not look back and see if other people will smile. 

I am opening with that paragraph, because, I see praises and lauds being thrown everywhere but towards myself, after having done a similar job... sounds petty but sometimes it does make you think maybe I didn't perform my tasks but I gotta keep my head up. I trust myself and I'm on to the next one

I have recently served my term as Media & Projects Officer of the Anglican Students' Federation, looking back I am pleased with the work I have performed. I did the best I could and most importantly I enjoyed myself. I have left the federation in terms of social media presence with a foundation that will allow it to grow and stand amongst the the big kids in the playground.

I now look to return to my blogging days and maybe try to open a personal website. But for now I'll pen my adieu note.


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