Friday, December 9, 2011


Its always been a wish of mine to travel, but i have seemed to have never had the time or the funds to do so, well, this time around, unlike last year University Sport South Africa (USSA) Chess tournament was held at the University of Fort Hare in Alice. If you did not know, last year it was held at the University of the Western Cape, which was a bummer because walking across the road is not travelling.

Back to Alice, I do not know if Alice is a town or a village, I’ll say its a town, but at first glance… Alice is terrible I would not go there even if you paid me, but on my second day there I got internet connection, and bada bing bada boom, Alice is not so bad, and it was free. but there was a catch, file hosting websites were blocked… which means Alice was in my bad book again…. but something about that town, the people were just too awesome.

I have never met more friendly strangers, first it was a girl.. offered to share her umbrella with me as small as it was which was so sweet, then the following day I was walking from the local shops a guy also offered to share his umbrella with me, but we offered the umbrella to a lady who was headed to town, but the general population seems friendly…. and i had a good time

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cochran You Donkey!!!!

I didn’t think I would be writing another blog this soon, but if you follow my tweets you should notice that every Thursday I watch Survivor, there have been plenty of comment-worthy episodes, but this week’s takes the cake.

A little background

Cochran is this feeble little kid, whom by looking at his credentials you’d think he was smart, he even said he once wrote a paper on the game so you expect him to be the brains of the show, but his unsociability (I got that word from the spell checker) did not allow him to get a firm grip on the game. And the other ordinary folk were about to show him this game is purely physical. Some how he made it to the merge, (and so did Edna).

Leading to the Merge

Yes Cochran’s team mates treated him like the outcast (Kachra, the untouchable… where are my lagaan fans at), the lost kid, but every time they thought of taking him out, they said nah…. I might need him in the end. Maybe there were some edited out parts where Cochran was  physically abused, I don’t know. Anyways Cochran did not feel at home. But in the day before the match merge Cochran was the reason his team lost an immunity challenge, and as Cochran puts it “Ozzy descended from the heavens” to save his ass, and offered himself to go to redemption island which he won.

New Tribe

New tribe… Ta Tuna, (I would’ve went with Tatooie). It was 6-6, and Cochran was trusted enough to be allowed to chat to the other team to find out where every1 stands, Upolu seemed close and were letting nothing up to Cochran, while he was the one feeding intel to Upolu about his tribe the vote came Cochran flipped to the other side.

How it Should have gone down

Cochran should have stayed with his old tribe. He had Dawn who was by his side because she was in his shoes too as the outcast. Jim once conspired with him against Ozzy, revealing that he is not as tight with Ozzy, as Ozzy would believe. So if it came down to the final six, Jim would try to take Dawn and Cochran, to final three because it would give him a better shot at the Million dollars.

The End of Cochran

If everything goes according to Cochran’s plan, he might pick off the rest of Savaii, taking him to final Seven, he would then side with Coach, Edna and Hantz, to pick off the others taking him to top four, but even if everything works out for him he would have stepped on too many toes to get to the top.
This is already too long…I’ll end it there

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boswell-Wilkie Circus

I’m promised to write a blog about the circus. If you do not know what a circus is, as of tonight, i have you in my prayers.
Umtata (yes i know its spelt “Mthatha”, but this blog is about the past) anyways, as i was saying we used to have a circus which came around once a year. It was awesome I attended every year, one year i think i lost my red scarf (If any1 picked up a red scarf back in ‘98 please drop me an email, Thanks). I feel sorry for the kids growing up nowadays, growing up we had DCC, played with bricks… but again that’s another blog… I even got the title already “The Kids” uhh? uhh?
Back to this blog… you can read about the genesis of the Boswell-Wilkie Circus online, actually that is exactly what I did, that only got me writing this blog. As I was reading I was kinda dis-heartened to find out what i learned from the grapevines, growing up wasn’t true. I am not going to tell you what is true, but i will tell you what i grew up knowing.

What “really” happened to Boswell

The Circus was doing usual its tour of the country when is came to a little town of Umtata, I do not know the year, Boswell was a Ringmaster, All Circus animals did as he commanded, he’d stick his head in any open mouth he could find (his actual head…. this is a PG blog). So a lion was brought on stage and he made it sit, people clapped, the lion then opened its mouth and he stuck his head in.
But, as he withdrew he scraped his head on the lion’s tooth and some blood was left on the tooth. The lion taste the blood and waited, when he stuck his head in, it was for the last time, the lion’s mouth snapped shut, while he was in there…. And that my friends is the reason why Boswell in not part of the Boswell-Wilkie Circus
I hope they one-day return to Umtata, for the kids’ sake, the circus is something that every kid should be awarded the chance to witness…. it should be in our constitution.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Eksee MaXhosa! (Eastern Cape News)

This is an email I got from my brother, still one of the best jokes out there....

A Xhosa was sitting with an Afrikaaner and a Venda in Saudi Arabia, sharing a smuggled barrel of beer, when all of a sudden the Police entered and arrested them. They were initially given a death Sentence but, as it was a national holiday, the sheikh decided they should be released after each receiving 20 lashes of the whip. As they were preparing for their punishment, the sheikh said, "It's my first wife's birthday today and she asked me to allow each of you one wish before your whipping, but you cannot wish not to be whipped!"   The Venda thought for a second then said: "Please tie a pillow to my back before
whipping." This was done but the pillow lasted 10 lashes. The Afrikaaner saw this and said: "Please tie two pillows to my back before whipping." This was done and lasted for the whole 20 lashes. The Xhosa saw this, but before he could make his wish, the sheikh said: "As you are from the Eastern Cape with all the poverty and you share the same ethnicity with the first real president of South Africa, you are permitted to have two wishes!"   The Xhosa thought for a second, then said: "Thank you, most royal and merciful highness. My first wish is to receive 100 lashes with the strongest, toughest whip available." "If you so desire," the sheikh replied with a questioning look on his face, "and your second wish?" "Tie the Afrikaaner to my back." This was done ease.......

My First Blog

I just remembered that this is in fact NOT my first blog, neither is Examination Time, so i broke my blog-ginity (YES its a word, if it wasn't, now it is... try to keep up with the new terms) a few years back. My old blog was, and I thought was long.

Recently I just found out Live Spaces is no longer in service and they've collaborated with long story short my blog was deleted. But, the good news is, little snipets of my blog still appear on google search (I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing).

The point is I am going to post 1 of my former blogposts, because i think its worth a read, and its a joke which was not written by me, it was one of those email things.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Yes, the Oktoberfest is upon us once again… I don’t know why I was excited (I say was because so far it feels like nothing I expected). I grew up in Mthatha where the only entertainment was the Boswell Wilkie Circus, which came like once a year… there’s an interesting story about that… but that's a story for another blog.

Back to the beerfest, so i expected that you pay an entry fee and then you drink ‘til you are on your knees… or entry is free and beer is at discounted prices…. and them being held mostly at breweries, i expect the beer to be atleast cheaper, from the poster alongside I do not get that impression. Instead I get the feeling that at a pub whereby you’d ordinarily enter for free and buy your poison, you know have to pay and admission fee and pay the same prices you would on any other day.

UntitledNow I’ve never been to Paulaner Braunhaus before so I might be wrong on some or all my points but, who cares. The part I found most interesting in this poster is the price (I am a student and I am allowed to complain about the price). R50 and you get a voucher for a beer worth R30… maybe its because I’m failing math but what happened to the R20. At first I thought it was to pay the live performers of something like that, but then they go on to charge you R50 before a performance by an international act, Like I can speak German.

To my conclusion, what I was tryna say is, if what i perceive about beerfests is true then I’d rather go to the shebeen, a stone throw away from the school.

  • The prices are cheap compared to pubs and clubs
  • There’s a variety of beer to buy
  • Transport is not an issue, I can always walk back to my bed
  • There’s always a person you know, if not the people are friendly, you can always join a group of strangers as long as you got beer money, and they’ll take care of you coz you they need you to come back and buy them more beer
  • And its always packed and there’ll be a “That Guy”, just be careful not to be “That Guy”

Well until I find a Beerfest (or Bierfest, in Germany) that caters for students… I’d rather go to a Shebeen

Friday, June 10, 2011

Examination Time

I’ve always thought a blog should be accompanied by a picture, because of the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Unfortunately I could not find one to capture the essence of this post. Which is a tragedy, because for more than a year I have had a camera and not one pic of me studying…. yes most people post pictures of themselves studying on Facebook, my question is…. Who are you trying to convince? based on what you were doing last night do expect us to believe that you are really interested in your books? (my case would be totally different though) But some people do manage to balance the night life and studies pretty well.

Anyways I’ve been reading other blogs on the web and i have noticed people try to be insightful to be profound, using bombastic words to capture the reader’s attention… and it seems to work because I end up reading the whole thing, hopefully i too will learn to write like them. Leggo

I have never been a writer, the highest i could hustle for my English essays in high school was a C- (63%-60%) that’s like an A in my family’s eyes, somehow i never really liked their low expectations. I never really had to work to impress them, I can kinda blame them for my laziness, but that would make me look like a whiner.

Stressing is inevitable during examination and i think i have figured why. Its not rocket Science really, its either you have been working throughout the semester, or you were lazy. if its the former…. you’re probably calculating marks to get that distinction, but if it the latter you are wishing you could deregister.. unfortunately the ship has sailed.

I never learn, exam after exam i seem to whip open the book +/- 12 hours before i write, and the notes just seem so much more comprehendible (bombastic word Nerd smile) at that time, but come to the exam the and the paper looks so easy, but i always seem to look back and say that was a relatively easy paper but i failed Crying face. And its never because i did not have enough time to prepare i always waste my time checking twitter, Facebook, and anything but study, problem with that i always have myself to blame in the end, and justifiably so, Plan of Action is that i go H.A.M on these last two papers, else imma waste another six month’s of my life… NO FACEBOOK NO TWITTER, until Monday afternoon…. T’s are T

Damn i think this is too much already,