Friday, November 4, 2011

Cochran You Donkey!!!!

I didn’t think I would be writing another blog this soon, but if you follow my tweets you should notice that every Thursday I watch Survivor, there have been plenty of comment-worthy episodes, but this week’s takes the cake.

A little background

Cochran is this feeble little kid, whom by looking at his credentials you’d think he was smart, he even said he once wrote a paper on the game so you expect him to be the brains of the show, but his unsociability (I got that word from the spell checker) did not allow him to get a firm grip on the game. And the other ordinary folk were about to show him this game is purely physical. Some how he made it to the merge, (and so did Edna).

Leading to the Merge

Yes Cochran’s team mates treated him like the outcast (Kachra, the untouchable… where are my lagaan fans at), the lost kid, but every time they thought of taking him out, they said nah…. I might need him in the end. Maybe there were some edited out parts where Cochran was  physically abused, I don’t know. Anyways Cochran did not feel at home. But in the day before the match merge Cochran was the reason his team lost an immunity challenge, and as Cochran puts it “Ozzy descended from the heavens” to save his ass, and offered himself to go to redemption island which he won.

New Tribe

New tribe… Ta Tuna, (I would’ve went with Tatooie). It was 6-6, and Cochran was trusted enough to be allowed to chat to the other team to find out where every1 stands, Upolu seemed close and were letting nothing up to Cochran, while he was the one feeding intel to Upolu about his tribe the vote came Cochran flipped to the other side.

How it Should have gone down

Cochran should have stayed with his old tribe. He had Dawn who was by his side because she was in his shoes too as the outcast. Jim once conspired with him against Ozzy, revealing that he is not as tight with Ozzy, as Ozzy would believe. So if it came down to the final six, Jim would try to take Dawn and Cochran, to final three because it would give him a better shot at the Million dollars.

The End of Cochran

If everything goes according to Cochran’s plan, he might pick off the rest of Savaii, taking him to final Seven, he would then side with Coach, Edna and Hantz, to pick off the others taking him to top four, but even if everything works out for him he would have stepped on too many toes to get to the top.
This is already too long…I’ll end it there

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