Thursday, November 29, 2012


From the movies, the series and maybe the odd book, I have come to realise that humans are animals of habit.
I do not know where exactly this idea spawned, it possibly could've spawned from all three sources. But it now sort of explains why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Why winners stay winning and losers stay losing. But all habits can be broken, hence the abundance of rags to riches stories... well in all fairness they aren't that many, but that's not the point.
The point is, I am going to attempt to get in a routine, this is a routine of which I believe will effectively allow me to be more productive... Its a work-in-progress type of plan so you will have to bear with me if it is not very detailed, so far I have my time management timetable. Wake up at 6 am Go to school at 7:50 a.m. Get to school in time for the morning class even though some days I do not have a morning class.... Just keeping the habit going. pl

Missed Me?

Actually the title is kinda irrelevant… because to miss someone you would have had established some kind of rapport with them and I blog so sparingly I would not expect to be missed.
Anyways it’s that time of the year again where we go home meet up with friends over a few drinks, for me personally… I do not look forward to these gatherings as much as I would like. This is because always the “how’s school” question creeps up, that question always puts me back in the rat race. Trying to measure up how am I doing in this world… not all is well I have to admit but not all hope is lost… I have always said to people when their days were dark 

Your health is your biggest commodity, for as long as you have your health be grateful, for you can rise with the rising sun and start afresh

Of cause, I did not put it like that verbatim, but it is something along those lines. It’s funny how people make resolutions on new year’s, I have done away with that as it never ends well. Before I go to bed, I jot down what needs to be done the following day as short terms goals keep you focused on the bigger picture.

Yes my high school friends I do hope you missed me a little because I certainly have missed you guys… and I will definitely miss my ANSOCers

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Cops are also human... I am sure it's against the law but yesterday I was scared by some cops.

I was taking my afternoon walk, watching a video on my phone looking down when there was a cop car just parked there... A Lil' something you should know about me I do not like cars parked in random places i start thinking they're up to no good...

And my hunch was right these cops threw fire crackers at my feet... I jumped, ducked and dive, i thought i was being shot at... Idiots nearly gave me a heart attack

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Umtata High School Song

To homes amongst the mountains
To homes beside the sea
To rolling hills and valleys
Of country wide and free
We'll take our happy memories
Of this, our noble school
Of sports, of friends, of studies
Of days both bright and full.

'Tis here the great traditions
Of this our land we've learned
Of courage, kindness, freedom
Of tolerance and love
Lord give us grace to carry
Whenever we may be-----
School's teaching and her golden rule
"The Truth Above All Things"

I'd like to thank annonymous for the rest of the lyrics.. I couldn't have done it with out you... and hey... someone actually reads my blog

Where is the Umtata High school song?

I have searched all over the interweb for Umtata High's school song and I found nothing. So my next post will be of the school song followed the school hymn... They will both be written to the best of my memory which i should duly point out is not the best of memories.... so please do comment so i could fix errors that may occur

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Robin Van Persie Fails Medical

BREAKING: RVP has failed his medical at Manchester United. Doctors say its a back problem which was caused by carrying Arsenal for the past 4 years

well i'm lying I just wanted to see the look on Manchester Utd fans' face not that i can see it... but twas fun either way

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ROBBED at CPUT, Bellville Campus

I got robbed AGAIN, this time within the confines of Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Bellville Campus, a place where i thought i was safe.

Well let me tell you what happened this time

I was walking to wards the train station on a Sunday afternoon around 16:30, the sun was still up. A coloured guy approached me and and was asking for direction inside Belhar, I responded, I do not know where it is you want to go but there is belhar (as i pointed him there). He then asked is it safe for a guy llike him to be walking in there, I responded i guess so. Take note I did not stop, i kept walking.

Suddenly he grabbed my Jacket and pulled out a knife.. I think it was chef's knife, (i just googled types of knives). He then asked me to empty my pockets, I reached for my pants' pockets because thats where the least valuable stuff were, but on my right hand jacket pocket there was a bulge, unfortunately it was my cellphone a Sony Ericsson WT19i, it fell, he took it and he ran into what looked like a white 2001 VW POLO Classic, it was driven by a darked skinned guy, (Black, or Coloured),

So I ran after the car and went to freedom square residence, where i found a Security Guard (fiddling with his Blackberry) i told him to call the front gate to stop a white Polo, after wasting precious seconds redailling and stuff he finally got through to the front gate, where he was told the polo had just left., so i cried because i loved my phone and when i got to the police station, they told me i had to report it at another police station...

Ad that the story of how i got Robbed

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Who am i?

I hope this article turns out well as I am writing it on my Android... (which reminds me I have to write a review about it... From a broke man's view) Back to today's blog...

Previously I have written about events, thoughts, observations and maybe some other stuff... Does that say who I am? Yes it does... I have always believed the signs of a person's true self is always reflected in what they do.

Social Media
This form of communication has helped quite a handful of people a mouthpiece... Now we no longer have the cool kids corner.... Anyone can be a cool kid... with enough imagination of course, Facebook... You could make up your life and everyone will click "like"

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I feeling a bit paranoid... it is as if I am fighting against someone who does not want me to win. I find it sad that it is then where i try to perform at my best. I know that the objective of an opponent but school was never meant to be like this... was it?

For example, for a school project i formed a group with Sotho speaking people and when we meet the dialect chances to Sotho and i am left out of the loop. I never liked group project because i suck at this social game... yeah life is really becoming like "Survivor". My inability to socialise has led me to struggle to find group mates for group project.
I have to take the blame, as i think it is up to me to reach out if i do not come out of my shell i tend to suffer in the end.

back to the group with the Sotho's well being a lazy person I chose to take the least responsibility in the group and opt to do the planning

Planning is not as hard as it sounds.. all planning can be cooked just list whatever has been done on a timeline, and lie as to when the undone work will be completed.
taking a laissez faire approach would backfire. Because their standards are quite low I too was subjected to their low marks... and you can tell on some1s face when they do not want to win.

Oh the paranoia part of the story... because i do not attend all group meetings and i do the least work i felt a little tension when i would pitch... and now they just ask for the work i did for them to keep. I think they are planning to kick me out. hence collecting all my work so they would not have something to present, as none of the can effectively use planning software. The last report they handed in gave us a below par score... and the one they were about to submit what looked below par a mile away report. Now I'm left burning the midnight oil tryna improve the document.
All my experience in the schooling system has taught me that presentation is key to all. If it looks good it probably is good.

The scene above was when Megamind :'D met Hal, in their last battle quote below
Megamind: You dare challenge Megamind?!
Titan: This town isn't big enough for two supervillains!
Megamind: Oh, you're a villain all right! Just not a SUPER one!
Titan: Oh yeah? What's the difference?
[Cue fantastic over-the-top lightshow]

But you do need some content too so i feel like I'm doing all the work.. :'(

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Okay... Today not good

Obviously what could I have expected I allowed laziness to creep in, I dropped the ball. It's good I found the problem early, hopefully I can nip it in the bud (first time using that expression I've heard it so many times though)

Well you must be wondering "What am I on about" got more Mid-term results and they are not going my way...

Having shared academic hustle stories with a good friend a few weeks back I feel inspired to go all out, No sleep again today... Yesterday I had no sleep but was not very productive... Tonight I grab the bull by the balls

On an unrelated matter I have two articles in the pipes

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Laugh or 2

Blogging mostly about fairly serious stuff, it's nice to occasionally share a joke or two.
Back in high school I used to read the "The Chiel" section on the "Daily Despatch", especially the "Tailpiece", it was my sunshine on gloomy days. Here in Cape Town "Tavern of the Seas" by David Biggs is an awesome substitute.
Here's the funny bit:
A man pulled out his phone on a crowded bus and started a noisy conversation with his wife
    "Hello, honey, it's Mark. I'm on the bus. Yes, I love you too. No. I had to work a bit late. No. I really did, I didn't go to the pub. No, I wouldn't go visiting anybody else. You know that. There's only you. I'll be home a bit late, so don't worry..."
     And on and on.
     Eventually a woman sitting opposite him shouted in a sexy voice: "Hey, Mark, get off that bloody telephone and come back to bed!"
Lol I wish I could do something like that, but I'd probably get beat up

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Its funny when everytime i express that Nokia sucks, people start to look at my phone, then they remark... Oh.. you're just jealous just because you do not own one.

True, I do not currently own a nokia, but i did own it for a brief period until someone decided i do not need a phone. It was a Navigator 6210... well i know its an old model, but besides the map, of which was its best feature it just did nothing for me.

When they released the first iPhone back in 2007, i could already forsee an era whereby which brand of phone you own does not matter. It will depend on the apps you have on that phone, that era is near, where brands are ditching their in-house operating systems to port to Google's Android.

Nokia stuck to their guns for too long with Symbian, the OVI store had nothing intruiging, it was just dead, everything was for sale... free apps were few and most were just a NO. This led me to keep reiterating that Nokia suck...

However Nokia might have seen the light and behind the new Nokia Lumia... is Windows, having never to have used a windows phone, i cannot comment about it but i would sure love to own one, hopefully 1 day...

Off to class have a blessed day people... much love

Thursday, February 23, 2012


My journey of lent officially began yesterday.

This year's lent I take it as a time to break an addiction. What is the difference between a new year's resolution and a lent sacrifice? This is the question that i pondered when reading what people are giving up for lent.

Well to me, the answer to that question would be (this is just an opinion do not take my word for it), Lent is a solemn commitment. Its a commitment with God's help you are hoping to better yourself as a human being and make the necessary life changes to your life style to try and live according to God's glory.

While other people may undertake an absolute fast... I'll try but i doubt i will survive but I will eat for sustinece, I will not over indulge in food, the hotdog lady won't see me this Lent, and I bid farewell to the pies from the cafeteria

Nothing new to me as my spiritual journey continues I am generally a giving person, I try to support all good causes, but again I am weary of those that come to me to launder by means of emotional blackmail.

No longer saved for when ever I have problems or feeling thankful, every moment I will chance I get, I shall speak to the Lord even if it just to say "Hi".

About my addiction.. I will not mention it but by Palm Sunday I hope I'll be smiling saying lent went accordingly.

Friday, February 17, 2012

So I got Robbed...!

Yeah I know terrible way to start a conversation. I've just become a victim of South Africa's Crime Statistics

I was walking to school, listening to South Africa fall apart in cricket against the black caps...enough about cricket. as I walked on my normal route in walking at a rather rapid pace in front of me was a coloured man... OK nothing strange about that people walk fast all the time in the morning, probably he's running to catch a train or something... so I kept walking, a moment later I looked behind me there was this guy, also a coloured in a red shirt and some brown pants... he too was walking rather quickly... but he was not dressed as if he was going anywhere important. The cricket commentary was so good I did not mind him.

Fast forward a few steps later i felt an arm around my neck, chokingly he dragged me to ground and I was on my back. he came around mean muggin' and shit like that.
Yes he was this ugly
Holding what i recall as a rusty old knife he took my phone and my money... after seeing that it had some buttons missing he was like "what fucked up phone is this"... I am thinking to my self this guy has the audacity to talk trash to me where as he just robbed me... he proceeds to calling me a "naai" as if I know what the hell that is.

I am just grateful, I still have my organs, my blood and my handsome face.

I picked my self up picked up some of my coins and this old coloured oke from nowhere, is like "can i have a rand I wanna buy a smoke"

I just got Robbed you think imma give you money? huh?
I was tempted to smack the life out of him. No consoling word whatsoever and he persisted tryna get a rand from me. and the only way i found the rand was through him tryna pick it up... He witnessed me getting robbed now he wants money too?

Aargh I can still feel his hands around my neck. I need a cleansing ceremony.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Friend Requests

Seriously now how do you add someone you have never met, and they are not even a celebrity.... today just before I embarked on the "Vicious Quits Facebook" resolution, i had an invite from a person, whom I have never met in my life.

So I decided to inbox her, and asked "So... Who Are You?", obviously I was not looking for her name because I could read if off her profile... this girl gives me her name (Lord take the wheel). I had to articulate my question, the short version of the second message was:
I do not know you and why did you invite me?
Not in those words exactly, in a much more polite manner, she then replied: "You can delete me if you do not want to be my friend".... so I did.

Point is I do not like being invited by someone I have never seen in my life before (exception is that if you are an extremely hot chick).

The End.


Hi, My name is Vuyisani and I am a facebook addict.

At my age my friends are less and less active on facebook, and i do not blame them, we have to continue developing ourselves, time for fun ended long ago, we need to get our hustle on.

So in my attempts to be less active on facebook, i have completely stopped updating my status, it was a kind of a New Years Resolution... of which excluding the time i had to pay my respects to one of my highschool class and desk mates i have kept to my resolution.

And have being on facebook since 2007 I do not expect many friend requests... the few odd ones that i expect to recieve are if you are a long lost friend, or i'll invite you if you are the type of guy buy i keep forgetting their name. The thing is is i am not a very sociable person, so I do sometimes not intentionally though forget peoples names.

So today i am starting my facebook diet, i am not logging from now.... i want to see if i'll make it till the weekend, then from there i'll extend it.... I call it "Vicious Quits Facebook" cold turkey style

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Obviously the 1st ever POTW has to be one of me, and because it took me hours to learn how to remove every coulour but red
Vuyisani Ludidi at Table Mountain 2010

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

After Alice

Well, after leaving Alice it was a teary goodbye, I did not actually cry but I was leaving some good friends. We said our goodbyes and hurriedly we left, but this was because we had to rely on other universities for transport as I was not returning to Cape Town. Some people just do not have common courtesy, I do not know if it was because I was Xhosa or what but, the bus driver after having agreed to give us a ride home, just left us there… but that’s another story.

I was going home what had I missed? Nicy, (yeah I said your name on the inter-web) planned a belated b-day party, of which as late as it was I could not attend because I still in Alice. And that’s it… I hadn’t missed much.

So I expected to go to Get-togethers (G2Gs) hang with Team SID, attend imigidi (Return from the mountain celebrations), spend some time with family… nothing out of this world.

December Holidays 11/12

December holidays were quite interesting.

I have just decide to make this a three part blog, as i was writing this my head flooded with alot stuff. I guess my december holidays were more eventfull than i first thought.