Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hi, My name is Vuyisani and I am a facebook addict.

At my age my friends are less and less active on facebook, and i do not blame them, we have to continue developing ourselves, time for fun ended long ago, we need to get our hustle on.

So in my attempts to be less active on facebook, i have completely stopped updating my status, it was a kind of a New Years Resolution... of which excluding the time i had to pay my respects to one of my highschool class and desk mates i have kept to my resolution.

And have being on facebook since 2007 I do not expect many friend requests... the few odd ones that i expect to recieve are if you are a long lost friend, or i'll invite you if you are the type of guy buy i keep forgetting their name. The thing is is i am not a very sociable person, so I do sometimes not intentionally though forget peoples names.

So today i am starting my facebook diet, i am not logging from now.... i want to see if i'll make it till the weekend, then from there i'll extend it.... I call it "Vicious Quits Facebook" cold turkey style

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