Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Friend Requests

Seriously now how do you add someone you have never met, and they are not even a celebrity.... today just before I embarked on the "Vicious Quits Facebook" resolution, i had an invite from a person, whom I have never met in my life.

So I decided to inbox her, and asked "So... Who Are You?", obviously I was not looking for her name because I could read if off her profile... this girl gives me her name (Lord take the wheel). I had to articulate my question, the short version of the second message was:
I do not know you and why did you invite me?
Not in those words exactly, in a much more polite manner, she then replied: "You can delete me if you do not want to be my friend".... so I did.

Point is I do not like being invited by someone I have never seen in my life before (exception is that if you are an extremely hot chick).

The End.

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