Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Its funny when everytime i express that Nokia sucks, people start to look at my phone, then they remark... Oh.. you're just jealous just because you do not own one.

True, I do not currently own a nokia, but i did own it for a brief period until someone decided i do not need a phone. It was a Navigator 6210... well i know its an old model, but besides the map, of which was its best feature it just did nothing for me.

When they released the first iPhone back in 2007, i could already forsee an era whereby which brand of phone you own does not matter. It will depend on the apps you have on that phone, that era is near, where brands are ditching their in-house operating systems to port to Google's Android.

Nokia stuck to their guns for too long with Symbian, the OVI store had nothing intruiging, it was just dead, everything was for sale... free apps were few and most were just a NO. This led me to keep reiterating that Nokia suck...

However Nokia might have seen the light and behind the new Nokia Lumia... is Windows, having never to have used a windows phone, i cannot comment about it but i would sure love to own one, hopefully 1 day...

Off to class have a blessed day people... much love

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