Thursday, February 23, 2012


My journey of lent officially began yesterday.

This year's lent I take it as a time to break an addiction. What is the difference between a new year's resolution and a lent sacrifice? This is the question that i pondered when reading what people are giving up for lent.

Well to me, the answer to that question would be (this is just an opinion do not take my word for it), Lent is a solemn commitment. Its a commitment with God's help you are hoping to better yourself as a human being and make the necessary life changes to your life style to try and live according to God's glory.

While other people may undertake an absolute fast... I'll try but i doubt i will survive but I will eat for sustinece, I will not over indulge in food, the hotdog lady won't see me this Lent, and I bid farewell to the pies from the cafeteria

Nothing new to me as my spiritual journey continues I am generally a giving person, I try to support all good causes, but again I am weary of those that come to me to launder by means of emotional blackmail.

No longer saved for when ever I have problems or feeling thankful, every moment I will chance I get, I shall speak to the Lord even if it just to say "Hi".

About my addiction.. I will not mention it but by Palm Sunday I hope I'll be smiling saying lent went accordingly.

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