Friday, February 17, 2012

So I got Robbed...!

Yeah I know terrible way to start a conversation. I've just become a victim of South Africa's Crime Statistics

I was walking to school, listening to South Africa fall apart in cricket against the black caps...enough about cricket. as I walked on my normal route in walking at a rather rapid pace in front of me was a coloured man... OK nothing strange about that people walk fast all the time in the morning, probably he's running to catch a train or something... so I kept walking, a moment later I looked behind me there was this guy, also a coloured in a red shirt and some brown pants... he too was walking rather quickly... but he was not dressed as if he was going anywhere important. The cricket commentary was so good I did not mind him.

Fast forward a few steps later i felt an arm around my neck, chokingly he dragged me to ground and I was on my back. he came around mean muggin' and shit like that.
Yes he was this ugly
Holding what i recall as a rusty old knife he took my phone and my money... after seeing that it had some buttons missing he was like "what fucked up phone is this"... I am thinking to my self this guy has the audacity to talk trash to me where as he just robbed me... he proceeds to calling me a "naai" as if I know what the hell that is.

I am just grateful, I still have my organs, my blood and my handsome face.

I picked my self up picked up some of my coins and this old coloured oke from nowhere, is like "can i have a rand I wanna buy a smoke"

I just got Robbed you think imma give you money? huh?
I was tempted to smack the life out of him. No consoling word whatsoever and he persisted tryna get a rand from me. and the only way i found the rand was through him tryna pick it up... He witnessed me getting robbed now he wants money too?

Aargh I can still feel his hands around my neck. I need a cleansing ceremony.

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