Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ROBBED at CPUT, Bellville Campus

I got robbed AGAIN, this time within the confines of Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Bellville Campus, a place where i thought i was safe.

Well let me tell you what happened this time

I was walking to wards the train station on a Sunday afternoon around 16:30, the sun was still up. A coloured guy approached me and and was asking for direction inside Belhar, I responded, I do not know where it is you want to go but there is belhar (as i pointed him there). He then asked is it safe for a guy llike him to be walking in there, I responded i guess so. Take note I did not stop, i kept walking.

Suddenly he grabbed my Jacket and pulled out a knife.. I think it was chef's knife, (i just googled types of knives). He then asked me to empty my pockets, I reached for my pants' pockets because thats where the least valuable stuff were, but on my right hand jacket pocket there was a bulge, unfortunately it was my cellphone a Sony Ericsson WT19i, it fell, he took it and he ran into what looked like a white 2001 VW POLO Classic, it was driven by a darked skinned guy, (Black, or Coloured),

So I ran after the car and went to freedom square residence, where i found a Security Guard (fiddling with his Blackberry) i told him to call the front gate to stop a white Polo, after wasting precious seconds redailling and stuff he finally got through to the front gate, where he was told the polo had just left., so i cried because i loved my phone and when i got to the police station, they told me i had to report it at another police station...

Ad that the story of how i got Robbed

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