Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boswell-Wilkie Circus

I’m promised to write a blog about the circus. If you do not know what a circus is, as of tonight, i have you in my prayers.
Umtata (yes i know its spelt “Mthatha”, but this blog is about the past) anyways, as i was saying we used to have a circus which came around once a year. It was awesome I attended every year, one year i think i lost my red scarf (If any1 picked up a red scarf back in ‘98 please drop me an email, Thanks). I feel sorry for the kids growing up nowadays, growing up we had DCC, played with bricks… but again that’s another blog… I even got the title already “The Kids” uhh? uhh?
Back to this blog… you can read about the genesis of the Boswell-Wilkie Circus online, actually that is exactly what I did, that only got me writing this blog. As I was reading I was kinda dis-heartened to find out what i learned from the grapevines, growing up wasn’t true. I am not going to tell you what is true, but i will tell you what i grew up knowing.

What “really” happened to Boswell

The Circus was doing usual its tour of the country when is came to a little town of Umtata, I do not know the year, Boswell was a Ringmaster, All Circus animals did as he commanded, he’d stick his head in any open mouth he could find (his actual head…. this is a PG blog). So a lion was brought on stage and he made it sit, people clapped, the lion then opened its mouth and he stuck his head in.
But, as he withdrew he scraped his head on the lion’s tooth and some blood was left on the tooth. The lion taste the blood and waited, when he stuck his head in, it was for the last time, the lion’s mouth snapped shut, while he was in there…. And that my friends is the reason why Boswell in not part of the Boswell-Wilkie Circus
I hope they one-day return to Umtata, for the kids’ sake, the circus is something that every kid should be awarded the chance to witness…. it should be in our constitution.

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