Friday, June 10, 2011

Examination Time

I’ve always thought a blog should be accompanied by a picture, because of the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Unfortunately I could not find one to capture the essence of this post. Which is a tragedy, because for more than a year I have had a camera and not one pic of me studying…. yes most people post pictures of themselves studying on Facebook, my question is…. Who are you trying to convince? based on what you were doing last night do expect us to believe that you are really interested in your books? (my case would be totally different though) But some people do manage to balance the night life and studies pretty well.

Anyways I’ve been reading other blogs on the web and i have noticed people try to be insightful to be profound, using bombastic words to capture the reader’s attention… and it seems to work because I end up reading the whole thing, hopefully i too will learn to write like them. Leggo

I have never been a writer, the highest i could hustle for my English essays in high school was a C- (63%-60%) that’s like an A in my family’s eyes, somehow i never really liked their low expectations. I never really had to work to impress them, I can kinda blame them for my laziness, but that would make me look like a whiner.

Stressing is inevitable during examination and i think i have figured why. Its not rocket Science really, its either you have been working throughout the semester, or you were lazy. if its the former…. you’re probably calculating marks to get that distinction, but if it the latter you are wishing you could deregister.. unfortunately the ship has sailed.

I never learn, exam after exam i seem to whip open the book +/- 12 hours before i write, and the notes just seem so much more comprehendible (bombastic word Nerd smile) at that time, but come to the exam the and the paper looks so easy, but i always seem to look back and say that was a relatively easy paper but i failed Crying face. And its never because i did not have enough time to prepare i always waste my time checking twitter, Facebook, and anything but study, problem with that i always have myself to blame in the end, and justifiably so, Plan of Action is that i go H.A.M on these last two papers, else imma waste another six month’s of my life… NO FACEBOOK NO TWITTER, until Monday afternoon…. T’s are T

Damn i think this is too much already,

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