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Yes, the Oktoberfest is upon us once again… I don’t know why I was excited (I say was because so far it feels like nothing I expected). I grew up in Mthatha where the only entertainment was the Boswell Wilkie Circus, which came like once a year… there’s an interesting story about that… but that's a story for another blog.

Back to the beerfest, so i expected that you pay an entry fee and then you drink ‘til you are on your knees… or entry is free and beer is at discounted prices…. and them being held mostly at breweries, i expect the beer to be atleast cheaper, from the poster alongside I do not get that impression. Instead I get the feeling that at a pub whereby you’d ordinarily enter for free and buy your poison, you know have to pay and admission fee and pay the same prices you would on any other day.

UntitledNow I’ve never been to Paulaner Braunhaus before so I might be wrong on some or all my points but, who cares. The part I found most interesting in this poster is the price (I am a student and I am allowed to complain about the price). R50 and you get a voucher for a beer worth R30… maybe its because I’m failing math but what happened to the R20. At first I thought it was to pay the live performers of something like that, but then they go on to charge you R50 before a performance by an international act, Like I can speak German.

To my conclusion, what I was tryna say is, if what i perceive about beerfests is true then I’d rather go to the shebeen, a stone throw away from the school.

  • The prices are cheap compared to pubs and clubs
  • There’s a variety of beer to buy
  • Transport is not an issue, I can always walk back to my bed
  • There’s always a person you know, if not the people are friendly, you can always join a group of strangers as long as you got beer money, and they’ll take care of you coz you they need you to come back and buy them more beer
  • And its always packed and there’ll be a “That Guy”, just be careful not to be “That Guy”

Well until I find a Beerfest (or Bierfest, in Germany) that caters for students… I’d rather go to a Shebeen

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