Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rape Culture

Firstly I would liked to applaud and commend the efforts of the students of the University Currently Known As Rhodes (UCKAR) for bringing the issue of Rape Culture to the fore of national debate. It is long overdue that the youth drive the conversation of the day.

It should be known rape culture is entrenched in our society and we should take time for introspection and note behaviours in our everyday lives that perpetuate this never ending phenomenon.

Wow I cannot believe how much can happen in a year, I started writing this blog on the 21st of April 2016. It was sparked by the protest of Rhodents(Rhodes University students) against rape culture in their school and in society I guess… I really do not remember but 2017 cannot be a louder alarm bell if the ever was one.

I cannot sit here and write down a list of behaviours that perpetuate rape culture, because I believe that, is missing the point. There should not be police saying “hey! that is wrong”, “hey! that is rapey” because clearly prisons are not running out of business as people keep finding ways to end up there, and that is discounting the numerous people who should be in prisons

It is always easy to point out what is wrong and difficult to come up with solutions. One solution to this epidemic is self introspection, Its is annoying that a guy can say “not my daughter” “not my sister” but are willing to put another person’s daughter, sister, mom through the most.

I am a Christian, I am not a saint and I do not believe I am a better human being… I once wrote “being Christian is being Christ-like..” or something to that effect my memory is terrible. I do not mean Christ-like in a blasphemous sense but in a sense that I am striving to be like Christ and that is a journey and never a destination.

Let us just treat each other with respect… can we just do that? please… masihlalisane bantu beNkosi

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