Friday, November 1, 2013

Where are we?

I am sitting at the school's computer lab some people are doing their work, some are watching videos some are on social networks, no this post is not a lecture on how important it is to study, or about how we should utilise the resources we are afforded. Its about how we as the "youth" carry ourselves.

I have seen a growing phenomenon amongst the youth of today, we tend to treat each other with a lack of respect, calling each other "bitch" amongst other profanities. We hide behind "we are friends we mean nothing by it". My problem is not that we saying these self esteem crushing phrases to friend who may understand but if we make this a habit you might say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Case in example... we all know it is not strange to find elderly people at institutions of higher learning. it is in fact admirable as it is not easy studying with kids. As I was sitting in the computer lab I overheard conversation between a woman and a youth. there were discussing some sort of group work, I cannot relay the conversation verbatim as I was not eavesdropping. the woman said "guys we have to go I also need to study, i failed the last test" the youth responded with a tone one would use when addressing his/her peers "uyitshone kancinci" which translated means "you did not fail enough".

My parents may not have raised me till 18 but that surely is no way to speak to any1 whether be it a peer or an elder...

That's my two cents...

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