Thursday, August 23, 2012

Umtata High School Song

To homes amongst the mountains
To homes beside the sea
To rolling hills and valleys
Of country wide and free
We'll take our happy memories
Of this, our noble school
Of sports, of friends, of studies
Of days both bright and full.

'Tis here the great traditions
Of this our land we've learned
Of courage, kindness, freedom
Of tolerance and love
Lord give us grace to carry
Whenever we may be-----
School's teaching and her golden rule
"The Truth Above All Things"

I'd like to thank annonymous for the rest of the lyrics.. I couldn't have done it with out you... and hey... someone actually reads my blog

Where is the Umtata High school song?

I have searched all over the interweb for Umtata High's school song and I found nothing. So my next post will be of the school song followed the school hymn... They will both be written to the best of my memory which i should duly point out is not the best of memories.... so please do comment so i could fix errors that may occur

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Robin Van Persie Fails Medical

BREAKING: RVP has failed his medical at Manchester United. Doctors say its a back problem which was caused by carrying Arsenal for the past 4 years

well i'm lying I just wanted to see the look on Manchester Utd fans' face not that i can see it... but twas fun either way